Frequently Asked Questions

What is DRYDRY Original?

DRYDRY Original is a long-lasting antiperspirant containing aluminium chloride, which effectively prevents perspiration and unpleasant odours for up to seven days. The product is fragrance free and contains no dyes or preservatives. DRYDRY Original works equally well on sweating in the hands and feet as for sweaty armpits, and is recommended for anyone who needs a powerful antiperspirant with long-lasting effects. Can also be used for problems with very heavy sweating, known as hyperhidrosis.

Which version of DRYDRY Original should I choose?

DRYDRY Original is available as a Dab-on version and a Roll-on version. Both are equally effective, so you should choose the version best suited for your needs. Both products contain the same active substance and prevent all forms of sweating for up to a week.

DRYDRY Original dab-on comes in a bottle with an applicator which can be used to dab on antiperspirant, for example, into the armpits, on the hands and on the soles of the feet.

DRYDRY Original antiperspirants can be applied on other areas on the body as well, but caution must be taken for areas which can be sensitive to alcohol.

DRYDRY Original Roll-on is a more classic big ball roll-on applicator allowing easy application for the armpits especially.

How should I use DRYDRY Original?

DRYDRY Original should ideally be applied at night. Apply the antiperspirant about an hour before you go to bed. Allow it to air dry on your skin - it usually takes just a few minutes.

For optimal effects and to avoid irritation, it is important that the skin is completely dry when you apply DRYDRY Original. Wash the area to be treated and dry thoroughly with a towel. Then let the skin air-dry for a while before starting the application.

Freshly shaven skin can easily become irritated - Avoid shaving your underarms at least one day before you use DRYDRY Original. However, it is fine to shave the morning after your application of DRYDRY Original.

Wash away DRYDRY Original the next morning. You can then use a regular deodorant if you wish, but it is not necessary. After a treatment with DRYDRY Original, the skin will stay sweat and odor free for up to seven days.

Hands and feet will initially require nightly applications of DRYDRY original to achieve the full effect. This is because the skin is thicker in these areas than other areas such as the underarms.

If you experience very heavy sweating, you will generally need to apply to product more often at the beginning of treatment. Trial and error will enable you to find the right interval for you. Once you have achieved the desired results, you can then continue using DRYDRY Original once a week.

Can I use DRYDRY Original on my face?

Yes, you can use DRYDRY Original on your face/forehead - but avoid any contact with your eyes! As the skin on your face is usually delicate, you should patch test a small area first. For easier application, try DRYDRY Original wipes.

Can my child use DRYDRY Original?

DRYDRY Original has no age limits, but normal use is recommended from about the age of 13. In the case of younger children, you should always consult a doctor first to get approval. Do not let small children handle the product itself. Help them with the application and be aware that children's skin is often sensitive, so patch test a small area first.

Why do I sometimes experience a burning sensation after using DRYDRY Original?

The active ingredient in DRYDRY Original is aluminium chloride, which can cause itching, tingling or a burning sensation if it comes in contact with moisture. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, it is important that the skin is completely dry when you apply DRYDRY Original. Therefore, be sure to dry your skin thoroughly with a towel and let it also air dry for a few extra minutes before you start the treatment. The irritation is usually temporary, but if the burning persists, you can wash off the DRYDRY Original and wait one day before trying again. If your skin becomes very red and irritated, you can also use a hydrocortisone ointment which is available at any pharmacy. If symptoms persist, discontinue treatment with DRYDRY Original.

My applicator has broken, can I order a new one?

Yes, you can order a new applicator for your DRYDRY Original dab-on by emailing us at

What can I do if DRYDRY Original doesn't help enough?

If you sweat so much that it has a negative impact on your daily life, and a powerful antiperspirant with aluminium chloride (such as DRYDRY Original) is inadequate, there is more help available. Contact your doctor or health centre first, they can advise you on the appropriate treatment. A common alternative is botulinum toxin (Botox). More information can be found at

What is hyperhidrosis ?

Primary hyperhidrosis is a genetic disorder characterised by unusually profuse sweating, especially under the arms, on the palms, the soles of the feet, head, neck or face. The condition often starts at an early age, especially when it comes to sweating hands and feet. Armpit sweat tends to appear during puberty, while sweating on the head, chest and back may occur later in life. The hereditary type of hyperhidrosis usually results in continuous, even sweating and is equally common in men and women. Uneven sweating that arises suddenly indicates secondary hyperhidrosis, meaning that the sweating is a symptom of an underlying disease. In this case you should always consult a doctor.